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Favori is a good tasting everbearer selected by Flevoberry in The Netherlands. Favori is a popular variety because of ist good taste and shelf-life. It is suitable for direct sales and wholesale markets. The major part of Favori is grown on substrate.



Favori is very vigorous with long inflorescences bearing between 10 and 14 fruits each. Therefore the average fruit weight is rather low compared to many other varieties. Because of ist vigour it is recommended not to plant to dense.


Fruit quality

Favori has long conical fruits with a neck. The taste is very good, the berries are aromatic with a high Brix. During storage Favori keeps its firmness. In warm periods the berries can be a bit seedy.



Favori yields between 1 kg and 1.2 kg per plant. This everbearer is early and give a high first production peak. The cropping patern in the summer is not always consistent but the right choice of plantmaterial helps to keep a good vegetative-generative balance.


Disease resistance

Favori ist not susceptible to crown rot (Phytophtora cactorum) nor powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca mac.). However, Favori can have issues with fruitrot and trips damage.

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