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Is a midseason variety of Flevoberry, The Netherlands. Very well suited for early production on substrate in tunnels and greenhouses. Very productive and not disease susceptible. The good taste and appearance gives this variety an important market share in wholesale makets as direct sales.


Vigorous plant with a high chilling requierement. Plant habit and leaves look like Sonata. The inflorescences are longer which makes crop management easier and fruit set better. Sonsation starts its harvest a few day after Sonata. Likewise Sonata, Sonsation has a high need for magnesium, manganes and iron.

Fruit quality

Nice conical fruits, good fruit set. Sometimes to many fruits on a truss which makes harvesting difficult avoiding bruising of the skin. Juicy good tasting berries with an orange colour and nice gloss.


Sonsation is very produktive due to the abundant flower number. The harvest season is longer compared to Sonata.


Disease resistance

Sonsation does not have much issues with root diseases and powdery mildew. However fruit rot (Botrytis and Mucor) can be a worry during periods with high temperatures and high humidity, especially in autumn.

Sonsation - presentatie

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