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Parlando is a mid-early June bearer suitable for early substrate cultivation, for a planting period from the end of December until the end of April. The variety shows an outstanding and consistent fruit quality with a high yield and high disease resistance. Parlando offers opportunities for outdoor cultivation and in tunnels.

Plant characteristics

Parlando has an open but vigorous growth habit. The canopy is upright which separates the long flower branches easily from the leaves. Typically the leaves are a distinctive dark green. The first flower trusses bear 9-11 fruits. Later emerging flower trusses consist of 6-7 fruits. Parlando is characterized by small flowers but they grow out to quite large fruits. Parlando has a lower chill requirement than Malling Centenary and Sonata.

Harvest pattern

Parlando is a mid-early variety, a few days later than M. Centenary. Compared to M. Centenary, Parlando’s the harvest period takes off slower but lasts longer The longer flowering period ensures a longer harvest window and a high yield.

Fruit quality

The fruits are long and conical with an intense red colour. Parlando shows a very good fruit set ensuring a high percentage of class 1 fruits. The taste profile is a good balance of sweet and acid combined with an aromatic strawberry fragrance. Parlando fits into the flavour profile of Elsanta. Parlando produces firm strawberries suitable for long distribution channels.

Disease resistance

Parlando has a high resistance to both crown rot (Phytophthora cactorum) and powdery mildew. Because of the heavy canopy Parlando needs more irrigation to avoid drought stress.Prolonged periods of heat can cause sunburn due to the open plant structure and the longer flower trusses.


Parlando biedt ook mogelijkheden voor de vroege vollegronds teelten, zowel onder tunnels als in de onbedekte teelt.


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