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This good tasting everbearer has been selected by Flevoberry in The Netherlands. Florice produces nice firm fruits wit a good taste. This variety is suitable for direct sales and whole sale markets. Florice can be grown succesfully on substrate and in the soil.



Florice is moderate vegetative and has long inflorescences sticking out above the canopy. Th fruit number per inflorescence is limited and the average fruit weight high. Florice is relatively thermodormant and flowers all summer long.


Fruit quality

Florice has short round conical fruits. The colour is intense red, sometimes irregular but does not show much bruising after storage. The taste is good with a high Brix. The average fruit weight is superior to Favori. Under high temperatures fruits can be seedy. The calyx stands out and can be susceptible to tipburn.



Florice is high yielding. The initiation of new inflorescences is very regular which results in a consistent harvest period.


Disease resistance

Florice is tolerant to crown rot (Phytophthora cactorum) and powdery mildew (Phodosphaera aphanis). However Florice is attractive for aphids.

Florice 2023

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