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  • Everbearer
  • Mid-early
  • Intense red colour, both on the inside and outside
  • Large, firm fruits
  • Sweet and fruity flavour
  • Very high yielding
  • Resistant to most root diseases and fruit moulds
  • Quick and easy to pick
  • Suitable for all sales channels



Hademar is an everbearing variety with beautiful conical fruits and high productivity. The fruits have a sweet and fruity flavour. Even in high temperatures, the firmness of the fruit means Hademar is bruise-resistant.



Hademar can be grown on substrate, covered or in the open field. This variety can overwinter in ridges in covered open field cultivation. This can even result in high yields early in the season. To ensure balanced growth, the soil must be in good condition, without wet patches.


Hademar requires little maintenance. Sufficient leaves and a wide canopy are necessary for successful cultivation. Removing green leaves should therefore be restricted as much as possible. Yellow leaves must be removed to give the new leaves a chance to develop. Hademar has long flower trusses that protrude above the crop. Most trusses hang low naturally. Hademar is mildew tolerant and resistant to root diseases.


Harvest and retail

A well cultivated Hademar plant will produce a high percentage of class 1 fruits. The fruits are suitable for both direct sales and sales via indirect sales channels. It has a steady production of fruit throughout the harvest period.

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