Selection: tested as FF0601 
Origin: Fresh Forward, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Rumba has been selected by Bert Meulenbroek of Fresh Forward. The licence control is being managed by Fresh Forward. Rumba is an early June-bearing strawberry variety. It is predominantly suited for outdoor production in North Europe.


Rumba has a high chilling requirement to get sufficient canopy development. Rumba distinguishes its self by the dark trifoliate leaves. The variety has a desirable open plant habit with long inflorescences and well displayed fruit. Rumba has a simple inflorescence structure (5-7 berries per truss) which is conducive to good fruit size and ease of harvest.

Flowering and harvest period:

The flowers are of good quality with sufficient pollen and are attractive for pollinators. The flowering period is extended which results in long picking season. Rumba has the same production period as Honeoye and commences a few days after Clery.

Fruit shape:

Characteristic for Rumba is the good fruitset and uniform fruit shape. Primary fruits tend to be long conical but the majority of berries are round conical.

Fruit quality:

Fruits are attractive glossy with a red internal and external colour. The taste in the early season is slightly sweet and gets better during the harvest season. The berries are not overly sensitive to fruit rot and have a good shelf life. Whilst berries can colour during storage, they do not darken as much as Honeoye and retain their flavour.


The fruits are large resulting in competitive yields. Yields for Rumba are higher than Clery and comparable to Honeoye.

Pest and disease resistancte:

Under tunnels or rowcovers (fleece, straw) Rumba can be mildly susceptible to Rhizoctonia. Until now there hasnít been experience with root disease.

Growing experiences with Rumba:

Rumba has been tested at growersites and research stations in central Europe. Based on their experiences it is believed that this short day variety has potential in the cooler areas of Europe and could substitute Honeoye in Germany and Scandinavia. According to the first tests Rumba is predominantly suited to outdoor production in Northern and Central Europe. However there also have been noted positive experiences in greenhouse and tunnel trials. However, in warmer environments (in the greenhouse and tunnel) the berries of Rumba can, like Sonata, loose firmness. Appropriate climate control, adequate fertigation and early morning harvesting can assist to manage any risks of softness.


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