Selection:PRI 0101
Origin: Fresh Forward, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Figaro is a cross of 2001 selected by Bert Meulenbroek of Fresh Forward. The licence control is being managed by Fresh Forward. Figaro is a mid-season June-bearing strawberry variety. The fruit of Figaro differs from Elsanta by its large size, light red colour and firmness. Because of these characteristics and its vigorous growth habit Figaro can be a good alternative for sixty-day plantings of Elsanta during summer.

Figaro is also suited for strawberry production outdoors and in tunnels in warmer areas. Under these climatical conditions the flowerdifferentiation goes on for a longer time and good yields can be obtained the following spring. The improvement in Class I percentage and the consequent lower picking costs are clear advantages of the variety.


Figaro is a June-bearing cultivar. Figaro has an erect vigorous growth habit, large bright green leaves and long slightly hairy petioles. Figaro produces long flower trusses which are moderately branched. Each flowerstalk has between 6 and 8 flowers.

Flowering and harvest period:

Figaro flowers in almost the same period as Elsanta. The flowers are of good quality with sufficient pollen and are attractive for pollinators.

Fruit shape:

Figaro differs from Elsanta because of the larger fruit size and the lower incidence of misshapen fruit. The fruit shape is predominantly long conical. However, the primary fruits are wedged with a deeper inserted calyx.

Fruit quality:

Figaro has a bright red colour, the internal colour is pink red. The fruit does not darken very much which makes the variety suitable for summer production. The strawberries are glossy and have a good taste (higher Brix compared to Elsanta). Figaro is very firm and has a good shelf life.


Fresh dug plants of Figaro are not as productive as Elsanta because of the lower number of flower trusses per plant and the lower fruitnumber per truss. Fresh plants yield on average 20 % less in comparison to Elsanta. However, this is more than compensated by the larger fruit size (30 % higher fruit weight) and the lower picking costs. With cold stored waitingbedplants and frigoplants good yields can be obtained by adjusting the planting date and the fertilisation.

Pest and disease resistance:

Figaro is in the green fruit stage susceptible for fruitrot (Botrytis cinerea) but is less susceptible to powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca macularis) in comparison to Elsanta. However, Figaro is also susceptible to crown rot (Phytophthora cactorum) and wilt (Verticillium dahliae), and slightly susceptible to root rot (Rhizoctonia).

Growing experience with Figaro:

Good results in terms of yield and crop development have been obtained with Figaro as cold stored plant in normal outdoor production. The plants should be covered in winter to protect them from winterfrost.

Figaro also performs well as cold stored waiting bed plant (60 day plant). The larger fruit size, the firmness and orange red colour are an advantage during warm summers. However, during flowering and fruit set a preventive spray against fruitrot is necessary.

Figaro is less suitable for late production in greenhouses and tunnels because it the fruit can ripen insufficiently in periods with low light intensity. In the spring the first primary berries can sometimes be more difficult to pick due to the stiffness of the flowerstalks.


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