Introduction of Fragaria Holland BV

Fragaria Holland BV is a joint venture established a few years ago by the following four Dutch strawberryplant propagators:

- Van Alphen Aardbeiplanten BV
- Plantenkwekerij De Kemp BV
- Plantenkwekerij Neessen BV
- Rapo BV

These nurseries produce plant material for a large number of growers in Europe and overseas. All kind of plantmaterial is being propagated by the Fragaria Holland group : fresh dug plants, waiting bed, A+ plants and cold stored runnerplants, plugplants and trayplants, potted plants derived from misted tips, certified motherstock material (SE1, SE2, EE).

Variety trials

Around 25 varieties are being propagated under licence from different breeding programmes from all over the world such as E. Vinson Ltd., HRI East Malling, SCRI, Planasa, Limberry, Graminor, University of Florida, University of California, PRI and Fresh Forward.

It is the main goal of the Fragaria Holland BV nursery group to propagate new varieties from the various breeding programmes from all over the world with excellent eating quality with high yield and good fruit size. Therefore promising varieties and selections from several breeding programmes are being evaluated by the R&D department of Fragaria Holland at private sites.

On the other hand the international trial stages and the variety development component of the Fresh Forward breeding programme is being conducted by Fragaria Holland BV. New releases of junebearers and everbearers are distributed to research stations, grower cooperatives and private growers in over 15 European countries. Within this varietal network Fragaria Holland BV evaluates the new varieties of Fresh Forward concerning their adaptability to the different climatical and soil conditions. Data are recorded from sites planted into raised beds, into peat substrate (table tops, troughs, pots), tunnel and greenhouses. The varieties are evaluated for their yield and cropping profile, fruit quality, plant characteristics and disease resistance. Their suitability to the local markets (eating quality, shelf life, supermarket response) is being evaluated.

Research and Development

Fragaria Holland BV wants to contribute to the success of strawberry growers by informing them about the growing techniques to obtain optimal results with the varieties they propagate and the varieties of Fresh Forward in particular. It is the goal to develop good preliminary recommendations for handling the strawberry varieties in the fruiting plantations in cooperation with research stations, official and private consultants, and based on experimental results and practical experience of Fragaria Holland BV on plant physiology, nutrition and production techniques.

It is the objective of Fragaria Holland to provide strawberry growers with high quality plantmaterial. Within the nurseries of Fragaria Holland BV agronomy trials are continuously being conducted on several varieties to guarantee sufficient plant material and improve plant quality.

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